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Customize your Tour Striker Training Club.

The Tour Striker 7 Iron, Pro X 7 Iron, and Pitching Wedge are cast of 433 stainless steel and come stock with a .370 parallel tip, True Temper Uniflex Steel Shaft.

All clubs are built and ship directly from The Club Fix located in Arizona, which means your club is built to the highest quality standards in the industry.

  • Each club shaft is “pured” meaning the spine of the shaft has been placed in the optimal location to maximize consistency and accuracy of delivery.
  • Each shaft is measured and tested.
  • Each build goes through our rigorous testing and quality assurance process before it ships.

As this is a custom built club, it will take a few weeks before your club is ready to be shipped.

Please contact The Club Fix directly with any questions regarding your order.


Tour Striker Pitching Wedge FaceTour Striker Pitching Wedge – No more flipping or scooping trying to “get under” the ball. Hit down on the ball. Compress the golf ball to launch it high and get the spin required so you can check and back your ball up on the green.

Tour Striker 7 Iron FaceTour Striker 7 Iron – Intuitively learn how to get into the optimal impact position. You’ll start penetrating the ball resulting in a longer, crisper shot. The same length, weight, and feel as your regular 7 iron. Allowing you to immediately transfer the same results to your own clubs.

Tour Striker Pro X 7 Iron FaceTour Striker Pro X 7 Iron – An even smaller face to really focus on pure, sweet spot contact every time. The Tour Striker Pro X 7 Iron is challenging, fun, and exciting to hit. Learn to hit the perfect shot easier and faster than with any other club.

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Weight 27 oz
Dimensions 40 × 2 × 4 in